Municipal Lien Search for Real Estate Closings in Texas Counties

CertSimple provides effortless, efficient, and accurate real estate services, including municipal lien search for real estate closings in Texas counties.

Municipal Lien Search for Real Estate Closings in Texas Counties

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What is a municipal lien search? A search for this type of lien is used to investigate any violations, unrecorded liens, taxes, and permits that are associated with the property. It is assumed that closing agents are responsible for pulling these reports, but that isn’t always the case. The buyer of the property should always check to see if any municipal lien has been placed on the real estate property at the time of sale. CertSimple can help buyers conduct these searches, as well as tax certificates.

How to Obtain a Municipal Lien Certificate in Texas

A municipal lien report can be issued as a certification, meaning that it is legally binding. To acquire this type of certificate, the company requesting this information is required to send the county collector’s office a written request. Once received with the fee, documentation of any municipal lien owed to that municipal city and the cost will be returned. CertSimple can help by requesting these documents for you - making your property-buying experience a more pleasant one.

Determining the Municipal Lien Search Cost

The amount you pay for a municipal lien search depends on the company you use and the municipality you are sending the inquiry to. For most of these searches, the price in Texas can range from $100 to $200. CertSimple’s rates are based on the services you need, from a new municipal lien search to title research on any property within our service area.

CertSimple Is Your Municipal Lien Search Company

If you are looking for a family-owned company in Texas, look no further than CertSimple. Our offices are physically located  in Dallas, TX and Austin, TX, but we serve all 254 counties in Texas, including:

  • Houston & all of Harris County
  • San Antonio & all of Bexar County
  • Dallas & all of Dallas County
  • Austin & all of Travis County
  • Fort Worth & all of Tarrant County

Call today or fill out our online order form if you are looking for a municipal lien search, title report, HOA estoppel, and more. Our team of experts handles services effortlessly, efficiently, and accurately - guaranteed!

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