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SoftPro is the industry leader in providing real estate closing and title insurance software solutions. With more than 14,000 customer sites and over 60,000 users nationwide, our software has been recognized by the American Business Awards every year since 2007 for winning awards in Superior Customer Service, Support and Product Development.

What sets SoftPro apart

  1. Closing, Title and Escrow. Fully integrated closing, title and escrow production system.
  2. Process Automation. Automate tasks that would normally be done manually and create automated processes for greater quality, consistency and productivity.
  3. Scalable and Customizable. Design your own custom work area where you can pick and choose whatever screens you like. You can create closing templates, robust custom reports and dashboards for greater business insights, and even configure your own data fields!
  4. Endless integrations with underwriters and vendors. Order closing, title and escrow products and services faster, easier and much more affordably by connecting with your underwriter and vendor partners directly from SoftPro software.
  5. Secure Customer Communication Portal. Keeping your customers up to date on the status of their closing files made easy! Would your customers benefit from a secure customizable transaction management tool to securely submit new orders, check real time status of existing orders, as well as securely send and receive messages and documents? Discover SoftPro Live, when you can finally sit back and relax, while it does the work for you and your customers!
  6. Award-Winning Support. SoftPro provides a level of customer service and support unparalleled in the industry, recognized by the American Business Awards every year since 2006 with awards for Best Customer Service, Best Customer Support and Best Product Development.
  7. Residential and Commercial Closings. Experience flexibility and efficiency like you’ve never seen before with both residential and commercial closings.
  8. Robust Reporting and Analytics. Get greater insights into your business with a vast library of revenue, order status, underwriter remittance reports, and much more!


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  • What Does A Title Company Do?

    23rd July 2021

    What Does A Title Company Do?

    Today’s title companies research property titles just like conveyancers did in the early days of American history, in what’s known as a title search. But since the late 1880s, they’ve also provided title insurance. That’s their guarantee that if a problem turns up that they didn’t find, you’re protected.

  • The CertSimple Examiner July 2021

    21st July 2021

    The CertSimple Examiner July 2021

    Please take a look at the PDF of our July 2021 Newsletter. We hope you find it informative and fun!

  • Should You Get A Title Endorsement?

    16th July 2021

    Should You Get A Title Endorsement?

    A title confirms that you legally own your property. When you sell your home, the title shows the buyer that you have the legal right to sell it. When you purchase a home, the title transfers to your name, giving you the legal right to own and, eventually, sell the home. But sometimes, there can be an issue with the title that may not come up right away. To help protect the homeowner and lender’s investment, title insurance is there to help cover damages or losses from certain claims filed against the title.

    A title endorsement takes protection a step further. Wondering if you should get a title endorsement? Read on to learn more about what it is, what it covers and when it may be best to get it.

  • Title Companies Offering Digital Closings Spikes 228% Since 2019

    9th July 2021

    Title Companies Offering Digital Closings Spikes 228% Since 2019

    The number of title and settlement companies offering digital closings increased 228% compared to 2019, according to ALTA’s 2021 Digital Closing Survey. The survey of 300 title professionals showed that 46% offered digital closings in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. Prior to the health crisis, a 2019 survey showed that 14% of companies offered digital closings two years ago.

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