A closer’s best friend

With CertSimple, You don’t get Excuses, Delays or Call Waiting.

You get results.

CertSimple is the one to count on for tax certification. Our experienced specialists understand the tax certificate market. We deliver advanced technology programs to efficiently and accurately take care of all your tax certificate needs fast. If you ever need us for any reason, just pick up the phone. We’ll answer.

We don’t just work hard to earn your trust. We bust our tails to keep you happy.

CertSimple Real Estate Tax Certificates

stress-free claims for you

We provide a Three-Tier claims process that makes filing and solving a claim simple:



CertSimple Error or Omission

If we are responsible for an error or omission, we pay 100% of the claim. Period.



Courtesy Claim

Regardless of the responsible party, CertSimple covers up to $1,000 for one courtesy claim per closer.



CertSimple Legal Services

If you’re entangled in a claim with a party to a transaction, we provide in-house counsel to fight for you.

Full tax service. Full commitment to you

Count on CertSimple to deliver all the services you need, when and how you need them.

We open orders, research, complete and email tax certs directly to you.

With CertSimple, you get:

Current Data

We provide the most “Live Time” data information possible, as available from the county appraisal districts and tax offices, before completing your tax certificates. Information is personally verified by direct contact via phone calls and visiting online websites. In addition, we utilize Advanced Technology Applications in our portal. We also offer:

  • Start-to-finish service — send us your order sheet and receive a completed tax certificate directly in your email inbox
  • HMS cap amounts, along with total appraised values
  • Total tax rate
  • Proposed values (once available) in addition to certified values
  • HOA Research and Contact information provided in select counties
  • Notification if there is more than one HOA listed on a property

Quick Turn Time

We strive for the most efficient turnaround time for our customers. If HOA is included, turnaround time may be dependent on the HOA/management company’s response time. However, in most cases, customers will receive a Tax certificate with HOA pending worksheet during the response waiting period.

Courtesy Notifications

We email you when an order will be delayed and provide detailed warning notes when necessary to help prevent potential losses (i.e., mailing and property address not matching, signifying Homestead Exemption, O65 exemptions may be removed, etc.).

Unequalled Service

Lines of communication are always open. Contact us on our direct office lines or personal cell phone numbers. And, of course, we’re always available through email.

Free Updates

CertSimple never charges to update orders.

You expect results. And we’re dedicated to delivering them. Work with us and get the most advanced technology, most current data, most dedicated tax specialists and most stress-free experience possible.

Simply put, CertSimple is a closer’s best friend.

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