Let Us Help You with the HOA Estoppel in Texas Counties

CertSimple USA, a family owned and operated business, specializes in helping real estate buyers with all the tax and HOA certificates they might need, including HOA estoppel, before they buy a home.

Let Us Help You with the HOA Estoppel in Texas Counties

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If you have found your dream home, our HOA and tax certificate specialists will help ensure that you are not getting a bad deal. If the property is managed by a homeowners’ association, we will look for the estoppel certificate that you will have to show your lender before they give you the final approval for the mortgage.

But what is an estoppel certificate and why is it important in any resale transaction? This form, known as HOA estoppel letter, is a document that contains important information about:

  • The current owner’s name and property address
  • Any outstanding financial obligations towards the homeowners’ association
  • Upcoming assessments and special projects: repaving, landscaping, adding facilities

The HOA estoppel fee is affordable – maximum $500 – and is paid upfront, not at the moment of closing.

Benefits of Having the HOA Estoppel Letter

Now that you know what an HOA estoppel is, let us explain why you need to get it. A homeowners’ association certificate benefits everyone involved in the resale: the association, the buyer, the seller, and the lender. Here are the ways in which the HOA certificate is a necessary form letter in a real estate transaction:

  • The buyer finds out if the current owner has outstanding debts towards the HOA and whether major projects are planned around the property.
  • The seller has the opportunity to disclose whether they owe money or there are liens on the property in the Texas resale certificate.
  • The lender uses the HOA certificate to find if there are any additional costs of sale and whether the sale meets the rules of the HOA.
  • The homeowners’ association is protected by the HOA certificate letter from future lawsuits concerning outstanding financial obligations of the previous owner.

Hire Us to Find the Homeowners Association Certificate You Need!

Our company specializes in finding tax and HOA certificate forms at an affordable cost. We will provide you with the certificate you need on time so that you can present the HOA estoppel to your lender in due time.

CertSimple has three offices in Dallas, TX and Austin, TX. We service all 254 Texas Counties, including: 

  • Dallas, TX 
  • Houston, TX 
  • Austin, TX 
  • San Antonio, TX 
  • Fort Worth, TX 
  • Galveston, TX 
  • El Paso, TX 
  • Amarillo, TX 
  • Lubbock, TX 
  • Abilene, TX 
  • Midland, TX 
  • Odessa, TX 
  • Waco, TX 
  • Laredo, TX 
  • Brownsville, TX 
  • South Padre Island, TX 
  • Corpus Christi, TX 
  • San Angelo, TX 
  • Beaumont, TX 

Place an order now so we can start looking for the estoppel certificate you need.

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